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Staying on Track on The Weekend

Weekends can be a challenge for some following our programs. You workout all week, you manage to eat healthy, control you portions, drink you water and sleep early then on the weekend it is everything is excess! With no schedule and lots of temptations, you have no willpower and decide to postpone your healthy eating goals to the week after.

Your free meal turns into a free day, the late night dinner is followed by midnight snacking till dawn, lots of alcohol, no workouts because it’s your rest day all combined in 1 or 2 days! On Sunday, you end up starting from square one. Here are some tips to help you stay on track during the weekend.

  • Have dinner. Do not skip dinner if you are planning on going out late or planning to have a few drinks. If you leave yourself to feel hungry, you will end up eating all the Mezze on your table or ordering take out when you get home because you are starving. If you go to a nice restaurant, try to order a light option without heavy cream sauces, white starch or sugar. Allow yourself 2-3 hours to digest before you sleep.
  • Limit your drinks: Try to be mindful of how many drinks you are having as so many don’t even realize that they should take their alcohol into consideration when counting calories. You can easily end up adding 800-1000 calories that night if you are not careful which would make up for three hard days of hard work at the gym. Start your following day with a nutrient dense but low calorie smoothie instead of your breakfast to help balance your calories out and support your detoxification!
  • Workout on the weekend. Schedule your rest day during the week instead of on the weekends. Including some activity, movement, jogging during the day to help balance out that free meal you had instead of sitting on the coach after all the damage!
  • Control your portions. If you are planning to indulge in a piece of cake, be mindful about the amount and size. Try to share a dessert and if you are in a restaurant, keep in mind that the bigger the slice they serve you, the more they sell – you do not have to finish it!
  • Be mindful of your choices. Everything you put in your mouth can either be helpful or harmful! If you want something sweet, instead of having sugar, preservatives and chemical filled processed options, look for a clean treat with a few dates, maple syrup, coconut sugar, fruit or something natural and nourishing. Just because it ‘s clean or healthier doesn’t mean it will help you lose weight, so you still have to be very careful about the quantities.

Try to relax and recover before you start your next week and more importantly enjoy it with friends and family.

Have a healthy weekend!

By Nadine El Alaily