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Molokhia is a Superfood Too!

Superfood is a term commonly used for marketing purposes to describe foods with supposedly exceptional benefits. The word is usually referred to food that is nutrient-dense, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that can help someone live longer, lose weight or prevent disease.

When it comes to staying healthy, in general it is best not to concentrate on any one food in the hope it will work miracles. And yet, some words are still labeled “Super” such as goji berries, wheatgrass, green tea, whereas there are some other very basic everyday foods that fulfill the same criteria such as pomegranate, broccoli, avocado, walnuts, olive oil, garlic, beetroot and even Molokhia. Let me tell you the benefits of Molokhia:

  1. If Molokhia is eaten cooked as a stew in chicken broth, you may lose some of the nutrients but you will also benefit from the chicken bone broth in which it is added to. Chicken bone broth is known to be rich in minerals that support the immune system, which contains healing compounds like collagen and glutamine, which can both help heal the lining of your gut for those of you who suffer from leaky guts.
  2. It is rich in folic acid, which is key for detoxification.
  3. Molokhia is rich in Vitamin C, which stimulates the function of white blood cells and boosts your immunity.
  4. Molokhia is rich in fiber, which can help improve your digestion, lower your LDL cholesterol “bad cholesterol” and help eliminate toxins from your body.
  5. Molokhia is an Egyptian leafy plant, which is rich in potassium, which can aid in lowering blood pressure levels.
  6. Molokhia is rich in iron for those of your who suffer from anemia or simply want to boost your energy levels.
  7. Molokhia is rich is magnesium which can help improve your sleep and help your relax which may explain why you always feel sleepy after a eating it.
  8. Molokhia is rich in vitamin A & E, which are essential for healthy eyes and skin.
  9. Molokhia is rich in vitamin K, which is essential to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis.
  10. If you want to enjoy all the qualities of Molokhia, you can try to eat it raw and fresh in a salad or even added to a smoothie! Yes a Molokhia smoothie!

So it is definitely a superfood in my books! All unprocessed food from the major groups could be considered ‘super’ as they have different benefits as part of a balanced diet. For those of you who love Molokhia and have fussy eating kids that won’t eat many vegetables except Molokhia! Go ahead and indulge! Make sure you enjoy with brown rice instead of white refined rice!

Have a great weekend,
Nadine El Alaily