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Mixed Messages About What to Eat

There are lots of debates, different theories and mixed messages about nutrition in general that may seem very confusing sometimes. Do we remove starchy carbs or do we need them? Include supplements or rely on food alone? Include soya milk or avoid it? Avoid gluten even if we are not gluten intolerant or is it ok to include it? Should we stop dairy or do we really need it? And many more conflicting messages.
Well the truth is, there is no right or wrong answer because we are all different people that require very different amounts, types, quantities of food based on our different genetic make-up, daily activities, workouts, family history of diseases, imbalances and lots more. Some research has shown that some people may actually benefit from the isoflavones in GMO free soya in their diets and yet it may be harmful to others.

According to The Telegraph, the American Olympic swimmer Michel Phelps requires 12,000 calories a day to provide him with sufficient energy for his training. That is almost the amount of calories I personally need for a whole two weeks! There is no standard answer because we do not come in standard form. Everyone is unique!

Not only are we unique beings but each day in our lives is unique as well. So if you can add oats or rice to your post-workout meal today, you might not need to tomorrow if it is your rest day. Think about how much you walked, moved, exercised and plan your meals accordingly; you might need more food on one day and less on another.

One of Body Blocks’ main goals is to encourage their clients to THINK about what they eat in terms of quantity and quality AND be conscious about how much they MOVE everyday to help them maintain a healthy balance. We strongly believe that everyone is unique and that we are heading towards a new era, where personalized nutrition and personalized medicine may be the future for promoting optimal health.

By Nadine El Alaily