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Friday Family Breakfast Ideas

With the quality of food, ongoing stress and quality of life today, it is no surprise the number of different intolerances and gut issues people experience has increased.

A typical Egyptian Friday family breakfast that our grandparents and even parents may have enjoyed in their days may not look like our family breakfast table today! Nowadays each family member can be intolerant or sensitive to a specific type of food, so instead of sharing food, each one ends up eating a differently prepared meal.

For those of you who can relate, here are some ideas using available ingredients and products in the market today using wholesome natural options, and avoiding breakfasts from packets coated in chemicals, preservatives and sugar.

Breakfast Ideas (Contain dairy, gluten)

  • Whole-wheat waffles available at NGS, which you pop into the toaster and can, add maple syrup, honey or a stewed fruit to. The waffle is made from whole-wheat flour and sweet potatoes. A great option for the kiddos!
  • Whole-wheat crepes. Combine eggs, whole-wheat flour, a little fresh milk (or almond milk) and mix and add to a non-stick pan to create your crepes then add some honey, fruit or nuts of your choice in moderation.
  • Unsweetened almond or peanut butter available at NGS on freshly baked wholegrain loafs from Gourmet, TBS, Paul or any bakery of your choice with 1 sliced banana. Avoid long-shelf life bread options in packets, the fresher the shorter lasting the better!
  • ZOOBA balady bread with Gourmet’s goat’s feta cheese, goat’s labnah, goats gouda, buffalo Mozzarella or cottage cheese with lots arugula or tomatoes for those who like sandwiches. You can even mix your cheese with some flaxseed or olive oil; add olives or chives to make it more interesting.
  • Poached eggs with avocado on rye bread or oat bread. If poached eggs are too complicated, scramble them or boil them or half boil them! Add some salmon for extra healthy fat and protein especially after a workout. Super filling and boosting with nutrients.
  • Yoghurt with oats, mixed nuts or seeds and a small portion of your favorite fresh fruit is always an easy and a delicious choice.

Breakfast ideas (Gluten-Free & dairy free)

  • Gluten free oats cooked with some almond milk and 1 portion of berries or 1 tsp of organic honey. GF oats and almond milk is occasionally found at NGS and the raw organic honey at Gourmet, however if unavailable then go for the next suggestion.
  • A local alternative would be quinoa porridge (yes we have started to grow quinoa in Egypt) with homemade almond milk and 1 portion of fruit you prefer. Stewed apples are always a great choice. This delicious option is also available at BEANOS for those of you in a hurry!
  • Any 2-3 eggs of your choices with vegetables or herbs of your choices with a large mixed salad of your choice. Yes salad for breakfast is a great option as well!
  • There is nothing like FUL and eggs for breakfast on Friday morning. Make sure you use canned free FUL or order your ZOOBA FUL Medames with olive oil, Shaksouka & Oriental Salad.
  • For those who had a large late meal on Thursday night, balance it out by having a nutrient dense and antioxidant rich smoothie filled with dark leafy vegetables, avocadoes, 1 portion of fruit and enjoy or pick up one of the BB APPROVED smoothies from BEANOS.
  • For more ideas you can always visit CairoCooking.com and write BODY BLOCKS in their search engine for the BB APPROVED delicious recipes to help give you more ideas for wholesome breakfasts!


Have a happy Friday everyone!

By Nadine El Alaily