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Can Fasting Be Good For You?

Yes – it can be, and here are 5 reasons why

As we draw closer to the start of Ramadan, we encounter several attitudes towards it.  One that is quite common is to dread it – generally for the change it brings to everyday life, and specifically for the undesirable effect some believe it has on health.  Consider the five points below to understand how fasting Ramadan can be an opportunity to get healthier.


  1. 1. It allows your digestive system a much-needed breakWhen was the last time you gave your digestive system a proper break? It was probably around year ago during Ramadan, and that’s too long a period for anything not to stop working! Give it a break and notice how it may lead to improved energy and mood levels.2. It can help to get rid of belly fatFasting enhances certain hormones in our bodies that increase the breakdown of fat. In other words, fasting helps to boost our metabolic rate and reduce the amount of food we eat, by working on both sides of the calorie equation to help get rid of belly fat.3. It helps to keep blood sugar levelsYou can work to support this great benefit by following a low GI diet after breaking your fast. Low GI foods include whole-grains, non-starchy vegetables and low GI fruits, such as apples, oranges and kiwi. Protein and fats are also powerful soldiers of controlling blood sugar levels.


    4. It can help to lower cholesterol

    Conditions of high cholesterol have long been a problem in Egypt, and of course elsewhere too. Fasting has proven to bring down LDL and triglycerides (harmful cholesterol) and increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol). This results in lowering the risks of both high-blood-pressure and heart disease.


    5. It may have an effect on slowing down the aging process!

    Studies have shown that fasting significantly reduces “oxidative stress”, which in turn slows down the aging process! Oxidative stress results from unhealthy diets, medicine, pollution, smoking and excessive high impact exercise. All of which puts aging into motion. Reducing oxidative stress also fights inflammation, which helps to kick-start weight loss.