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A Guide to Eating Healthy in Restaurants

Social events and eating out can make it challenging for some to stick to their healthy eating plans. Here are a few tips for keeping things simple and stress free.

  • If you have plans to go out for dinner, avoid starving yourself during the day so you don’t end up having huge blowout at night.
  • Tell the waiter straight away that you don’t need the breadbasket on the table.
  • Try to go for a protein option with low starch vegetables and ask for the protein to be grilled, steamed, baked using butter, ghee or coconut oil
  • Have a peppermint or fresh mint tea and sip slowly after your meal to help with digestion.
  • Avoid drinking too much liquid before you meal, to avoid diluting your stomach acids and making it difficult to digest your meal.
  • Squeeze plenty of fresh lemon or lime over your chicken, fish or seafood to also help with digestion.
  • Avoid too many raw vegetables in the evening, as it is more difficult to digest before bed.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Don’t feel you have to eat quickly to keep up with your friends on the table.
  • Stop eating once you feel 80 percent full. Listen to your body and stop eating. The portions may be larger than what you would normally eat which doesn’t mean you have to finish it all up like you were told when you were a kid!
  • If you eat too much at night, it can disrupt your sleep. Try to book an early dinner when you can to allow your body some time to digest before it switches to sleep mode.
  • If you order a salad, make sure to ask your waiter for details about the dressing ingredients and ask them to bring it on the side to add yourself. Make sure your dressing does not contain sugar, mayonnaise, vegetable oils or any hidden junk.
  • Avoid any heavy cream sauces, fried food, sugary salad dressings, lots of salty soya sauce and white refined carbs like white rice, white pasta or white bread.
  • Skip desserts if you can. Ideally if you want something sweet, try to have an option with fruit or a clean dessert if available.
  • Practice mindful eating by eating slowly, chewing thoroughly, serve modest portions, engage all senses and enjoy your meal!

Have a great weekend,
Nadine El Alaily