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10 Health & Fitness Tips for Busy People

For those of you who wake up at 6:00am to get their kids ready for school, drop them off and rush to the office. You have one meeting on West side of town then you have to rush to another meeting on the East side and end up spending two whole hours stuck in traffic.

You look at your watch and you know you have to fit in a workout before you pick the kids up and have a bite to eat. Because once the kids arrive, you start a whole new day by feeding, showering, dropping off to activities, homework time and before you know it, the day is over and it is time for bed. You barely have time to think and all you want to do when the kids sleep is eat, indulge and chill before you start the next day all over again. If this sounds familiar, read on.

It is tricky to maintain a healthy eating pattern while you are on the go, but here are a few ways that can help:

1) If you are out all day, make sure you have breakfast at home with some protein, healthy fats and fiber to keep you full.

2) Carry a few healthy snacks with you in your bag like a fruit with some raw nuts, vegetable sticks and hummus, a couple of wholegrain rice cakes with some almond or peanut butter (unsweetened of course) or a yoghurt with some mixed nuts and seeds.

3) Try not to starve yourself till you get home at night, because you will eat everything in front of you without thinking. You can either prepare a salad with some protein the night before without adding the dressing then take it with you in the morning.

4) If you do not have time to workout for a whole hour, then walking, jogging, swimming or any activity for 30 minutes a day can do wonders! If the kids have activities, make use of your free time wherever you are to move until they finish.

5) Do not forget to drink water during the day. Always keep some water with you in the car or in your bag!

6) Learn some super quick recipes. There are plenty of great ideas on the CairoCooking website. Type Body Blocks in the search engine for the BB Approved recipes and pick the easy leveled ones.

7) Stock up on some quick ready-made options like the marinated grilled chicken or shish tawouk from Gourmet, humus with olive oil from Gourmet, NGS turkey meatballs or NGS chicken shawerma, Gourmet’s veal kofta and enjoy with a salad of your choice for those days that you have no time to cook from scratch.

8) Try to live an active lifestyle by taking the stairs instead of the lift or meeting a friend for a walk instead of a coffee, even if it means walking around in City Stars, Cairo Festival or Mall of Arabia.

9) Avoid having many coffees and teas with sugar and milk throughout the day. Pay attention to how much you are having, resort to herbal options like green tea, chamomile peppermint to help keep you hydrated.

10) Sign up for Body Blocks’ Busy Lifestyle Program in association with Beanos, Crave & ZOOBA which we are starting this November. We hope to make healthy eating even easier for you on your busiest days.

  •  If you are following our Put Me on Track (PMOT) or The 12 Week Program, we can arrange to deliver 1, 2 or 3 of your meals throughout the day. The food items will all be calculated to help you reach your goal.
  •  We are also offering The Busy Lifestyle Program to those of you who completed the Put Me on Track and The 12 Week Program. All you have to have to do is come in for your inbody assessment, pick your favorite food from a list of over 50 wholesome BB Approved items and leave the rest to us.

Now you REALLY have no excuse!

Have a great weekend,

Nadine El Alaily