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Amazing Experience 👏

Timely & smooth delivery, EXCELLENT quality of food...the detox package actually had me quiet full throughout the day. 5 stars all around!!

Fantastic fresh food. Always on time! I love Body blocks, very happy and loyal client 🙂

Great health food, with many options. Punctual and reliable.

I’m very happy with the program

Really good fresh food Very high quality And precise with the components and calories in each meal 👏🏻

Perfect quality, taste and perfection. Excellent delivery service and timing.

Great programme very tasteful I already recommended it

I am your biggest fan

I loved the breakfast options and salads in the fixed menu! High quality food that tastes great and is filling! The delivery Service is very professional And the Website is user friendly! I highly recommend you to everyone !

I'm so happy with my experiences with you! I've tried the 1 day Liquid Cleanse and the 3 day Detox. Everything you've sent has been delicious and I feel so much better and full of energy! Awesome job!!

They are very efficient clean and good quality

Perfect quality and on time delivery service.

Great experience. Portions were excellent, ingredients were healthy, delivery was on time. Very clean and not boring where there was diversity.

I really could not have managed to kick start my commitment to eating more healthily without Body Blocks. The ease of having a delivery with such great flavour combinations made it possible to commit and get over those first few challenging days of changing my approach to nourishing my body. Thank you so much!

Great service and quality of products are top notch. Presentation is outstanding and I’m very impressed with the ease of the order, transaction and delivery.

The website is very informative and easy to use. The food is really fresh and tasty. Delivered daily to your doorstep. The delivery guys are very polite and cooperative! I used the service 4 times already and I’m very happy with the quality.

Body blocks is the best! Super fresh. And great for detox. I trust body blocks with my health completely. They’re salads and juices are so fresh.. fresher than my own home!!! 🙂