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It’s simple, it’s natural, it’s tasty and it comes in a jar. CLEAN products are about to flip Egypt’s take on healthy eating. Our products will make you see things inside out, upside down, and love it anyway. Because hey, who are we kidding? That’s what life is like these days. So lets flip it, embrace it and enjoy it.
Body Blocks and B-URN got together and brainstormed their ideal salads, smoothies and snacks.  The resulting collaboration is CLEAN. The first brand in Egypt to offer a full range of chemical free, gluten free, sugar free products that taste great and are packed with love, taste, science and a whole lot of happy!
Flip it, shake it, heat it, or pour it on ice and eat or drink up!
Your end result is true CLEAN goodness packed to perfection in eco friendly glass jars.
We’re big believers that exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand.  We understand that everyone is unique and each of us have our own training habits, goals and different nutrition requirements.  We’d like to flip a theory which many in the health world believe in:  your body is not your machine, its an intricate network of mind and body and your food is your equipment.  Some bodies need cleansing, others need fueling and we at CLEAN get that!


We offer two different detox packages with different nutritional values to suit your different goals:


Our CLEAN Cleanse are designed to help reduce the intake of bad foods, flush out toxins, boost your immune system as well as nourish and hydrate your body with pure and clean nutrients while shedding off a few kilos of fat. All the items are vegan and all the vegetables and fruits selected are rich in antioxidants to boost your detoxification pathways. The total calories per day add up to an average of 800-1000 calories.


Our CLEAN Fuel are catered for those of you who are more active and don’t skip their workouts. This range is higher in protein offering a combination of lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, eggs, organic chicken and some feta cheese. The total calories in these packages add up to an average of 1000-1200 calories a day.
All packages will be offered in 3-day bundles and will all start on Sunday of every week.
Are you the type of person who falls in love with a salad and wants your entire family to eat it with you?  We’re just like that too!  You man order larger family sized quantities of your favorite CLEAN product. You may also choose to buy the items individually or even make your own bundles, just give us a 48 hour heads up to prepare and deliver your items to you. For enquiries Click Here