10 Reasons Why We Need Supplements

Even though one might assume that getting all our nutrients from food alone by eating a clean organic diet, full of vegetables, protein from good sources, healthy fat and some fruit should be sufficient, the truth is, it may have been in a long time ago when the air was fresh, water was clean, soil was rich and people’s lifestyles were very different to today’s world. Sadly, we need much more today, let me tell you why.
  • Fruits and vegetables can be less nutritious than they used to be because the soil itself contains less phosphorous and trace minerals which means that we miss out on those when we eat them.
  • Food can be subjected to toxic fertilisers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and even if you buy organic, it has still been grown in the same planet as the rest of us subjected to pollution from industrial chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants in the air.
  • When we cook food, we lose nutrients from the heat itself!
  • We are currently subjected to physical, mental and emotional stress in today’s world from our environment, daily pressures and multi-tasking that our bodies require a lot more support and help!
  • If we eat prepared food or cook all our food once a week instead of daily, we can miss out on key ingredients due to storage and refrigerating. If we eat imported fruits and vegetables, we lose a lot of nutrients as a result of the long transportation from long distances.
  • Even your local produce may have been picked early before it is ripe, stored and left in a refrigerator in the supermarket for a couple of days before you bought them.
  • Age itself makes it harder for our bodies to absorb nutrients and since our life expectancy is longer, we need more nutrients!
  • Our gut health affects our nutrient absorption. Lots of antibiotics, pollution, stress and unhealthy dieting can deplete friendly bacteria in our gut which can affect how well we absorb nutrients.
  • Lots of medication we randomly take can also strip our bodies from essential nutrients.
How can I maximise my nutrient intake?
  • Try to buy organic and chemical free produce from trusted local provider whenever you can.
  • Try to buy hormone-free chicken, wild fish, organic eggs and grass fed beef whenever possible.
  • Avoid overcooking your vegetables and include a balance of both cooked and raw vegetables in your daily meals to maximise your benefits.
  • Avoid taking random medication from the pharmacy unless prescribed by your doctor and is absolutely necessary.
  • Try to squeeze in green juices or smoothies if you do not have time to cook freshly food daily.
  • Avoid buying a stock of fruits and vegetables, try to buy small quantities more frequently to benefit from eating them fresh.
  • Eat locally homegrown produce instead of imported fruits and vegetables.
  • Include a wide range of fruit and vegetables and avoid eating the same exact meals daily to benefit from a wider range of nutrients.
  • Supplements cannot be a substitute for a healthy diet but it can help fill in the nutritional gaps and support your body.
  • The first step to improving your absorption is improving your gut health! You can be taking hundreds of supplements and eat the cleanest food, but still not absorb them properly if your gut health is out of balance.
Which supplements should I take?
Every person requires different supplements depending on their health, lifestyle and current nutrient intake. Sign up for our Put Me on Track or The 12 Week Program and let us advise you on the supplements your body needs to complement your healthy eating and lifestyle based on your clinical test results. Visit our website for more details.
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admin10 Reasons Why We Need Supplements
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