BodyBlocks is rapidly becoming recognized as a significant promoter of healthier lifestyles. Our idea of advancing healthy living has now spread to various food and fitness providers who share our philosophy.

We have worked hard to identify those who are committed to assisting you on your journey to improve your health, and to help you do so sustainably.

The various programs that we offer will incorporate, in one way or the other, recommendations on how the providers listed below can serve to complement the structure of your personalized program.

B-URN is a 45-minute high intensity, full-body workout for those looking to achieve bulk-free muscle strengthening, lengthening, tweaking and sculpting.
The workout is performed on the patented Megaformer: an innovative piece of equipment credited with shaping better bodies worldwide.  BodyBlocks works collaboratively with B-URN to offer its clients consultations on nutrition and the CLEAN Detox at the B-URN studios.

NGS is a one-stop store for high-grade and healthy food ingredients.  For the convenience of our clients, NGS offers to deliver to your doorstep a wide range of chemical-free and fresh food, which BodyBlocks consider an essential component to an effective meal plan.
Sara’s Organic Food is a Swiss-Egyptian farm that grows organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.   Our BodyBlocks clients can enjoy the benefit of having an assortment of in-season premium and organic fruits and vegetables delivered weekly to their doorstep.  BodyBlocks commends Sara’s Organic Food, not only for its commitment to consumers but also to the environment.
Baked offers all-natural desserts fit to satisfy a sugar craving without having you rushing to check the calorie-count! It is actually possible for you to enjoy some of the products offered at Baked while continuing to stay committed to simple eating.  All Baked desserts are completely free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. We also recommend that you treat yourself to the Cookie Bites at Baked (once A week!) while you follow our programs.

Always a popular choice!  We are pleased to collaborate with Beano’s to offer you not just a nourishing food menu, but also a selection of freshly made smoothies.  Pop into any Beano’s branch for breakfast, lunch or a quick post-workout snack. There will be no shortage of healthy options for you to choose from, and – all of which are labeled with nutrition details and allergens.  Beano’s offers delivery service to all those who have signed-up to our different programs.
It was without hesitation or reservation that we have placed Zooba on our list of recommended providers.  Zooba is known to many for having succeeded in creating a truly distinctive experience that pays homage to the resourceful and creative spirit of the Egyptian people.  It is particularly impressive that they have managed to do so using the freshest local produce.  As part of Zooba’s #knowyourfood initiative, BodyBlocks has helped to provide all nutrition details and allergens for their menu.  Zooba offers delivery service to BodyBlocks clients as they follow their different programs.
Crave’s usual flair for food creativity sets it apart from the rest of the industry players.  Balancing between healthy and indulgent menu items, Crave has just introduced a new menu that responds to the different needs, tastes and appetites, proudly designed by BodyBlocks Zamalek’s Shewekar El-Gharably.  Crave has throughout the years consistently delivered on quality, value friendly portions & enjoyable dishes.  Crave will offer delivery service of a selection of healthy meals approved by Bodyblocks to our clients as they follow their different programs.

Cairo Cooking is a collaborative platform that encourages inspiration among home cooks who have been brave enough to embark on new cooking adventures.  Through new ways to yield healthy meals, Cairo Cooking aspires to find and develop recipes that inspire and teach new cooking techniques.  For those of you looking to boost your healthy eating options, check out the BodyBlocks recommended dishes from the 350 tried and tested recipes under “Health Kitchen”, to see how you can incorporate them into your meal plans.

Ibn Hayan laboratories provide excellent laboratory services using innovative solutions that help to better serve customers as well as healthcare providers.  Your BodyBlocks intervention reports will identify the clinical tests required by you.  Ibn Hayyan laboratories offers home testing for those of you wishing to carry out their tests from the comfort of their homes.