BodyBlocks has undertaken to promote behaviour change that encourages better-informed food choices, healthier lifestyles, and supports your commitment to wellbeing.

We are guided in this mission by Functional Medicine, a science-based healthcare process, which helps to restore balance to the body by working to unlock the fundamental causes of your health problems.

Functional Medicine approaches health challenges differently. Unlike conventional medicine, it treats the body as a sphere of interconnected systems: hormonal, digestive, defense, detoxification, energy and transport; all of which work in tune together to provide optimum balance to the body. When imbalance occurs through any of these systems, disease is more likely to surface. Such imbalance can be brought about by a number of different factors such as genetics, lifestyle or the environment, jointly or separately.

At BodyBlocks, we distance ourselves from branding our goal for you as simply “weight-loss”, but rather as overall wellbeing. Wellbeing requires that special attention be given when addressing food choices, exercise plans, sleep patterns, stress reduction, supplement intake as well as individual habits – a methodology referred to as the “Whole-Person” approach.

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  • “BB gradually helped me learn how to make eating healthy a habit rather than trying to force too many changes upon me at once.“

    Yasmine Medhat
  • “My experience with BB has been truly inspiring. Not only did I learn a lot about health and nutrition, I started understanding my body much more. I started understanding what it needs and how it reacts to different food, making me adapt to an overall healthier lifestyle.”

  • “With BB’s extensive knowledge about food, health, and fitness, they created a personalized plan for me based on my personal needs. At BB, they take the time to explain to their clients in detail the benefits of eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I walked out of my session feeling motivated, energized, and excited about my plan.”

    Shereefa El Sawaf
  • “I simply consider BB a life changing experience. It was a turning point in my life. Not only did I loose my extra weight in 3 months but I felt great, healthy and happy. I don't think I ever felt that good about myself. I'm eating amazing food that is good for my body and health. BB offers much more than a diet to loose weight, it is a way of life to maintain your body and your health as years go by.”

    Eman Fahmy
  • "The only complementing field that has been missing at my place is nutrition. Very seldomley do you bump into people whom are cut from the same stuff - I'm very excited to join forces with Nadine and her Body Blocks and make some magic happen. The health revolution which has long been awaited in Egypt is finally here, and I'm happy to be a part of it!"

    Amina Naguib
  • “With BB’s program I learned how to understand more about the food I eat and how my body works. BB showed me how to increase my exercise and helped me work towards reaching my goal.”

    Sara Kassem
  • “I've only been following my personalized BB program for a little over a week and a half and already I feel a difference I've been getting a lot of compliments about looking slimmer. I feel more energized and motivated to eat in a healthier fashion.”

    Mai El Dib
  • "BB was very attentive and really helped me with an approach that worked very well for me! It wasn't a "diet" it was a new mindset and practical change of lifestyle.”

    Nooge Taher
  • “If you are trying to get rid of extra weight or just learn to become more health conscious, BB is the right place for you!”

    Shewekar El Gharabli
  • "BB succeeded in helping me build a positive relationship with my body. It is not only about losing weight, it's about feeling fresh, healthy, clean and energetic!”

    The Abou Ghalys