We understand that busy routines make healthy lifestyles difficult to maintain. We have therefore worked to create personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans that integrate easily into everyday life.

To support your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, BodyBlocks offers you a number of different sessions and programs to choose from.

For those of you who simply need a bit of goal setting and limited advice on nutrition and exercise, we recommend you consider the Put Me On Track (PMOT) session. Others amongst you may require coaching, assessment and follow-up, and for this group of individuals we recommend a comprehensive personalized program spread-out over either 6 sessions (The 6 WK Program), or over 12 sessions (The 12 WK Program). For more information on these and other sessions and programs, we invite you to browse through the options shown below.

We can also provide you with meal plans and recipes in addition to arranging the delivery of personalized meals to your doorstep.