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  • We will assess your progress by measuring your fat, muscle and water percentages
  • Discuss challenges and check progress
  • Set new goals

Body Blocks head office with qualified nutritionists and health coaches who will use all the information gathered to create your bespoke nutrition plan.

Based on your questionnaire, more in-depth exploration of your diet and health maybe necessary to investigate the pathologies behind your signs and symptoms. All your routine tests and speciality tests can be arranged by IBN HAYAN LABS who can pick up your samples for analysis from the comfort of your homes.

Once we gather all your information, the head office will analyze all your data and create a plan which will be emailed to you within three working days.

Body Blocks has partnered with motivated and passionate coaches in Zamalek, 6th of October,  Swan Lake New Cairo and Katameya Heights to make it easy for you to commit to a program and follow up regularly until you meet your goals and targets. We do offer B_URN clients nutrition sessions in their premises

All the different Body Blocks locations will follow the same process and guidelines to provide you with the best quality service possible.

  • An analysis of your 3 day food diary which will pinpoint areas in your diet that require attention
  • Your specific set of goals
  • A new meal plan to follow
  • Details regarding areas in your current diet that require improvement
  • Review and advise on exercise regime suitable to help meet your goals
  • Supplementation advice
  • Blood test results interpretation and analysis
  • Drug and nutrient interaction advice

Do not eat, drink or train 3-4 hours before your session for the most accurate Inbody720 assessment results. Try to schedule your appointment within the same time frame every session.

The first session takes about 1 hour while the follow-ups will generally take between 30-40 minutes.

Since we start working on your report prior to your consultation, we have a strict cancellation policy. Clients will be fully charged for the initial consultation if they do not cancel their appointment 24 hours in advance.

The 12-Week Program is non-refundable.

Payment will be made upfront on the first session of the program.