Why We Need to Move More!

Your body was born to be active. We were designed to walk, run, move, jump versus sitting on desks, in cars and on sofas for long hours. For those of you who refuse to exercise and find a million reasons to postpone your workouts, movement is equally important to our health and life as breathing, eating and sleeping is.
Movement doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym for hours, walking on a treadmill or engaging in endless drills of burpees and jump squats. You can swim, walk, bike, dance, jog or find any way your enjoy to move your body.
Research has shown that if you sit longer than one hour at a time, your risk of heart disease, poor circulation and joint pain increases. Here are a few benefits of exercise to name of few:
  • Exercise is not only important for your body but it is even better for your brain. It promotes the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain to help improve your cognitive function and help keep your mind sharp.
  • Studies have shown that exercise can be a more effective anti-depressant for those of you experiencing moderate depression.
  • Strength training not only helps strengthen your muscles but it also keeps your bones strong which can help prevent osteoporosis as you age.
  • Strength training is not only for those who want to looked toned or buff on the beach, it is essential to maintain your strength and stability for your daily lifestyle activities such as carrying your kids, lifting boxes, bending down etc..
  • Building muscles can help you maintain a healthier metabolism as you age to prevent gradual gaining weight.
  • Aerobics is a great stress relief activity that allows you to release those endorphins and make you feel happy afterwards.
  • Stretching helps keep your muscles flexible and lean.
  • Regular exercise can lower inflammation and inflammation is the root of the problem for chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, heart diseases and age-related symptoms like muscle aches and pains.
Studies have shown that a thirty minute workout a day is enough to provide you will with all the above benefits!
Think about it, thirty minutes a day, you really have no excuse. If you really and truly don’t have thirty minutes to spare, there are simple ways to be more active throughout your busy week like taking the stairs, walking to places when you can or pacing in your office. The average number of steps we should target is 10,000 steps a day which you can monitor on the Health app on your iPhone or any step tracking gadget.
Have a great and active weekend,
Nadine El Alaily
adminWhy We Need to Move More!
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