Summer is Almost Over

As summer is almost over, we gradually start coming back to Cairo with mixed feelings. Even though back to routine may seem dull for some, many are excited to get back on track with their workouts and healthy eating habits. Summer had proven to be a challenge for many with the endless temptations on the beach, daily parties and social gatherings till dawn.

As we gradually get closer to the end of August, we are slowly seeing our clients filling out their forms and gradually booking online. Some are eager to get back on track again while others are waiting till after the Eid to get serious. Gyms and classes are slowly being filled after a month of complete silence!
Whether you decide to start now or wait till after Eid, we always encourage our clients to follow the concept of their meal plans, stick to their supplements, drink their water, get their sleep and try as much as possible to be squeeze in a few workouts during the week no matter what. For those of you who need an extra push, we are always here to help!
We have lots of exciting updates coming soon and we look forward to help guiding you back to your healthy lifestyles. Meanwhile we have created this blog to stay connected and share info, recipes, healthy eating tips, healthy eating-places to visit and fitness classes not to miss. We would also like to encourage you all to send us any topics or questions that you will like us to write about!
By Nadine El Alaily
adminSummer is Almost Over
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