Start at Home Clean Out Your Fridge

Even though you may be thinking of goals and resolutions in this time of the year, the real progress will come when you realize that no matter how many Nutritionists you meet, health spas you visit, classes you join, surgeries you do or money you invest in weight loss, the only real progress will come when YOU decide to change your daily habits.
There are no magic pills to pop and no one will wave a magic wand for your fat to melt away. Simply put, for a long-term solution, it come down to how much your willing to change and how many healthy habits you can create for yourself and incorporate in your daily life so they become your new norm. And of course how much you really want it and how hard you are willing to work for it!
Some might be thinking, “This is easier said than done,” but if you are really ready to progress and move forward, with right support, guidance, nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle advise, you really can! So stop blaming your parents for feeding you too much when you were little, or making excuses for yourself to binge at night because you are an emotional eater or blaming your nutritionist for not giving you enough recipes or claiming that your social events “forced you” to drink and eat so much. Ask yourself, what is really stopping you? Realize that it is in your own power to change and no one else’s.
In general, the first step you can take is cleaning your kitchen pantry and fridge at home to promote healthier eating options around you for you and your family. Do not complain that your children are always snacking on junk if you fridges and cupboards are loaded with rubbish!! So open your fridges and ask yourself, will this food benefit my family and me or not? IF the answer is no, then you do not need it! Make these changes today so you teach your children early on to adapt these healthier eating habits so they become their norm.
Here is a list to help you go through your pantry & fridge:
  • Commercially prepared juices and chocolate milks
  • Milk in UHT cartons
  • Cold Cuts
  • Breaded foods
  • Canned food
  • Flavored coffee & instant coffee
  • French fries
  • Hot dogs
  • Biscuits, cakes, chips, cookies, candy, donuts and anything in packets with preservatives
  • Ketchup and mayonnaise
  • Nondairy creamer
  • Vegetable and chicken stock
  • Vegetable oils like corn and sunflower oil
  • Flora and margarine
  • Processed cheese (cheese slices with plastic paper)
  • Salad dressings in bottles with preservatives
  • Sports drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Sugar (white and brown) and artificial sweeteners
  • Sugary snacks
  • Sugary cereals
  • Jams/ Jellies/ Preserves
  • Fried food
  • White carbs like white rice, white bread and white pasta
  • Fresh vegetables preferably organic or chemical free
  • Low-sugar fruits preferably organic or chemical free
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ghee
  • Seeds (flaxseeds, sunflower, pumpkin)
  • Olives
  • Nuts & nut butters
  • Grass fed meat, organic poultry and wild fish
  • Whole eggs
  • Mustard (wholegrain)
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, peas)
  • Non-gluten grains: quinoa, brown rice, GF oats
  • Natural Stevia
  • Chocolate at least 75 percent cocoa
  • Filtered water
  • Filter Coffee preferably organic
Read your labels to find out what you are eating and feeding your family, make your own choices. Be pro-active today, it is in your control! There is no greater wealth in life than health.
Have a great & healthy long weekend!
Happy Moulid El Naby,
Nadine El Alaily MA, MSc, NLP Prac
Founder of Body Blocks
Nutritional Therapist
MSc Personalised Nutrition
adminStart at Home Clean Out Your Fridge
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