Let’s do this 2017!

The one quality that distinguishes a good team of nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches, physiotherapists, doctors, fitness instructors, yogis and healthy culinary chefs from a great one is PASSION.  You can bring great minds together, different age groups, different backgrounds and experiences but getting a group of people whom all believe in what they do, in my opinion is the key to success.
At Body Blocks, we all aim to reach out to more people for a valuable cause, which is improving the quality of lives of others through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes.  We all work together one way or another to promote this behavior change through our different strengths and areas of expertise.
Let me tell you, it is not always easy! Lots of people are faced with a lot of temptations and resistance to change old habits and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones is a real challenge. However, we all try our best to help our clients realize that it is within their own power and control to make these changes with a little helping hand, guidance and a small push in the right direction.
So this week we thought of making the blog more interesting by asking all our coaches 3 questions about their own experiences in 2016 and their plans for 2017, let’s see what they have to offer!
Identify one way you’ve helped someone in 2016 that you’re most proud of:
Amina Naguib: #THEHAPPY: the mental and physical release you get after a damn good workout. I’ve always had a hard time explaining what I meant about exercises being more than just physical until a client came up to me and said, “I just feel happy after taking your classes”, and that is where #thehappy was born.  For me #thehappy is the essence of everything I stand for.  Forget fat burning, forget weight loss, forget calories and how you look on the outside, those are just side effects.  The science behind what happens to you during and after exercise is something kind of magical to me.
Shewekar El Gharably: This past year I have met incredible people, each with an inspiring story!  As much as I was trying to help them get their health back and their bodies in shape, they were unknowingly helping me in my self-growth as well.  A 55-year old client managed in her 12-week program to get rid of 7kg of body-fat, without losing her muscles.  Her consistent dedication to learn & apply a healthier lifestyle are so uplifting & motivating.
HIbbah El Sayad: I believe what I’m most proud of in 2016 is teaching yoga. I can really see how it has a positive impact on many of my students. Firstly from being committed with their practice, they have become fitter and stronger. They have connected with themselves on a different level and become more in-tune with their bodies both physically and emotionally. Just watching how my students evolve is extremely rewarding.
Sherine El Shimi: Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine and it is really hard to stop the craving once it hits you! I was happy to help several clients stop sugar completely even though it’s really hard. Sugar also helps cancer cells to grow, so convincing a recovering cancer patient to change their lifestyle and adhere to a sugar free diet was very fulfilling for me. Nutrition can really change your life.
Nouna El Sawaf: I am proud that I was able to help a client see that she can still make healthy options and stay on the right track despite her travelling and work related functions, when she thought that losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle would be impossible.
Sandrine Kachour: I am proud to have continued to help a client change, become healthier and develop her health journey until now. I’m proud that she hasn’t given up and love seeing her positive attitude towards BB and her journey.
Eman Fahmy: I’m proud of helping my clients learn to love and believe in themselves and learn to prioritize themself and their health. All my clients that succeeded in reaching their goal simply decided to take better care of themselves and that is what I love helping them focus on.
Nadine El Alaily: I strongly believe there is a reason for every symptom our bodies experience. When a close family member told me about her hair loss, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, I encouraged her to do a full range of blood tests. I’m proud of myself for being stubborn and insisting that she goes for a check up which led us to uncover that she had an early stage of cancer. If we hadn’t discovered it when we did, it may have developed further but thankfully we found out in the right time. Even though all my friends and friendly complain of how stubborn I am, this is really one time I was proud of being this stubborn. I also insist that you all get regular check ups, because with exercise, healthy eating and supplements you can prevent many chronic diseases if you discover your imbalances early on.
Name one thing you personally changed this year to improve your own fitness or wellbeing.
Amina Naguib: 7am is probably one of the most sought after hours at B-URN (all my advanced motivated clients come in at 7am- I mean who would wake themselves up while its still dark outside right?).  I decided to replace my 7am classes with breakfast with my kids.  Starting off my day being able to see them and not having to rush off to give a class or treat a patient is priceless
Shewekar El Gharably: Balance rather than extremes in all aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual – the body has the power to heal itself, therefore I learnt to listen to my body and try to please it in all that it needs and craves, such as the amount of sleep, workouts, food and getting rid of stress related issues.
HIbbah El Sayad: I’ve cut out milk from my diet and use coconut milk instead. I might have an occasional something with milk but happy to have removed it from my everyday life.
Sherine El Shimi: I have to say that I was always someone that wasn’t into working out much unless it was a Zumba class. My goal last year was to work on building my muscles and strength and gradually started working out once a week, which then increased until I started to enjoy it. I have to admit, it makes me feel so empowered and helps put me in a great mood as well.


Nouna El Sawaf:  The one thing I changed that I am proud of is that I stopped eating after 7 pm and I sleep much earlier than I used to so I end up getting better quality sleep.
Sandrine Kachour: I’m proud of myself that I’ve had the right priorities this year in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Eman Fahmy: The one thing I focused on changing this year is to experiment and try new things. Pushing myself more and working hard to do things that I never believed I could do in terms of exercise and fitness. It is amazing what you can achieve with dedication and hard work.
Nadine El Alaily: The one thing I focused on in 2016, was finding a way to juggle my new business, finishing my studies, taking care of my kids, house, family and workouts so that manage to fit them in all equally in my life everyday. Sometimes we are so busy taking care of others, we end up being careless with ourselves. I think this year I really worked hard on squeezing in Nadine’s health and fitness needs in regardless of my busy schedule.
Name one goal you have for yourself in 2017 on a personal and professional level.
Amina Naguib: This one’s tricky.  I don’t do goals, I don’t do resolutions, I take things one day at a time and goals somehow have a way of working themselves into my life on the spot.  I guess my “goal” would be to lean back a little more.  I have lost the ability to “chill” and that’s one thing I’d like to work on next year.
Shewekar El Gharably: I’m setting my intention to be happy from within in whatever I do and enjoy life, because it is too short!  My goals – Being more outdoors to enjoy nature, drinking more water, to diversify my workouts, and continue making more creative healthy recipes.
Hibbah El Sayad: On a personal level, I would like to do weight training at least 2 times a week. In the midst of all the yoga, I haven’t had the time but it really makes a difference with me and I miss it.  On a professional level I aim to increase the health coaching and help more people lead a healthy life style and spread more love and light through spreading more Yoga.
Sherine El Shimi: What I would really love to do in 2017 is inspire more people to change their habits even if it means drinking more water or quitting sugar. I would also love to spread awareness for eating right if you have an eating disorder or if you suffer from cancer because there is no end to what nutrition can do for you.
Nouna El Sawaf: My personal goal for 2017 is to increase my muscle mass a little and keep exercising but also start including running again which is something I used to love but haven’t been doing much of lately. On a professional level, I would like to help more people overcome their challenges and help them come up with different ways to reach their goals through nutrition and fitness, which I am starting to focus on developing as well.
Sandrine Kachour: My personal goal for 2017 is to learn to let go and be a happy person and to continue to help people transform into their better selves.


Eman Fahmy: On a professional level, I want to continue what I’m doing and love which is helping more people understand the beauty of eating clean, exercising and how it transforms your life not only physically but more importantly mentally and emotionally. On a personal level, I want to push myself even more in fitness and exercise, it is so fulfilling and rewarding.
Nadine El Alaily: On a professional level, I would like to reach out to more and more like-minded people who share the same passion for health and fitness to help encourage more people to be healthier, fitter and happier. I would also like to continue to facilitate healthy living in all aspects. On a personal level, I would like to learn how to disconnect from social media and learn to relax without being tempted to check my phone or computer
adminLet’s do this 2017!
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