DETOX? It is All Relative!

We hear the word “detox” so often, detox spa, detox holidays, detox treatments, detox juices! Almost everyone is using the word detox to market one healthy item or another. What does detox really mean and does it mean the same thing for everyone? The answer is no.

Before I start explaining why, I would like to clarify that our body goes through detoxification everyday without being conscious of it. We get rid of toxins we are exposed to from our environment like pollution, food, dirty water, chemicals, pots, pans, cans, tins, smoking, alcohol, preservatives and list can go on forever.
We are also exposed to endotoxins, which are the toxins our bodies produce internally as a result of digesting food, eliminating hormones, fighting viruses, killing bacteria and even exercising! Our bodies have a lot of detoxing to do on a regular basis!
Your toxic load is basically the long list of items your body has to get rid of every single day. The longer your list, the more energy you will invest into cleansing your system!
In my opinion, the word detox is relative. If you eat lots of sugar, trans fat from processed food, alcohol then a detox to you can simply mean cutting out these items from your diet. If you never eat vegetables or fruit or do not have enough protein then simply adding more greens, colours, antioxidants and the right amount of protein to your meals can support your detoxification pathways.
If you already eat clean, a detox to you might mean taking it a step further by choosing organic produce only, using chemical free products, switching your plastic containers to glass, switching your Teflon pans to iron cookware, using filtered water instead of plastic bottles, avoiding anything in tins, cans or plastic bags and list can go much further to even wearing organic and chemical free clothing!! The smaller your toxic load, the more energetic you CAN feel!
Whichever stage you are in, at Body Blocks we are ready to help guide you to make these small steps one at a time to gradually cross off the toxic items on your lists.
We are excited to announce that after the Eid Holidays, we will be cooperating with Beanos to deliver Body Blocks’ clients only their own 3, 5 or 7 day Detox Program food items straight to your homes.
Even though we encourage home cooking, for those of you who lead busy lifestyles, you will not need to buy, wash and prepare your food items anymore. Beanos will be using BB recipes, sourcing high quality food items, washing, packing and measuring the grams in each of your meal plans  according to your inbody assessments and delivering it fresh and ready to eat daily. All you have to do is munch and enjoy being healthy!
For more information about our programs, please visit our website or call us on 01222162784 to book your consultation today.
By Nadine El Alaily
adminDETOX? It is All Relative!
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