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You might have heard about our programs from friends or family. They might have complained of the long list of clinical tests and supplements we asked for, the endless questionnaire they had to fill out before booking their appointment, the long hours we spent explaining nutrition facts and ways to adapt them to their life or the complicated recipes we sent.

They may have even showed you their 10 plus page report with details of their health history and questioned why we need to go through all this and whether they really had to read it all!  Let us explain more about what we are trying to do here.
  • Body Blocks’ aim is to help you identify the underlying imbalances that are causing your symptoms and work with you closely on rebalancing your body processes. Your symptoms can vary from weight gain, bloating, fatigue, hair loss, acne, dry skin, low mood and depression or many more. The idea is to uncover the main cause of these symptoms through questionnaires, clinical tests and by analyzing your diet and lifestyle habits then consult you on ways to make changes in order to resolve the root of the problem. To pinpoint the root of the problem, we need to know a lot about family history, your health history, what you eat on a daily basis, look at your clinical test results, find out if you exercise or not and how much water you drink etc.
  • Body Blocks’ does not provide a “diet” that will provide you with a quick fix; it encourages you to make gradual changes that suit your own pace, schedule and lifestyle.  In order to do so, we have to learn everything about your daily routine like what time you workout, what time you sleep, how much time you sit on a desk, etc.
  • We consider our programs a learning experience to help guide you to your own optimal health. Optimal health to us entails a high quality of life, high physical performance, healthy ageing and low risk of disease.  In order to do so, we need to recommend a list of supplements to complement your healthy eating and exercise. We are not interested in providing you with the average recommended daily amount (RDA) but we want to advise you on what is optimal for you.
  • We are more keen that you finish our programs with more than just “weight loss” but with a better understanding of how you can make eating healthy and exercise sustainable in your daily routine until it becomes your new norm. In order to do so, we try and make healthy eating fun by adding in recipes for those who love cooking, recommending different places to eat for those with busy schedules and provide ideas for different workouts to make it all more appealing and long-term.
  • To make the program accessible to everyone, Body Blocks’ offers sessions in several locations like Palm Hills 6th of October, Zamalek, Giza and Swan Lake New Cairo Compound to cover the different areas of Cairo AND we are ready to Skype if you travel or live abroad.  Body Blocks takes pride in the BB Team who all add something unique and special to the Body Blocks’ experience! We all work collaboratively on each and everyone of our clients, so you might not know me if you are a Zamalek or 6th of Oct client for example, but I know ALOT about you 🙂 
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By Nadine El Alaily
adminAbout Body Blocks
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