5 Reasons Why We Dislike The Bathroom Scales

A very typical scenario we see over and over again is people coming in for their follow ups and telling us they are disappointed because they weighed themselves at home on a regular bathroom scale in the morning and found their weight had barely moved despite the fact that they had been so good with their workouts all week, ate everything that they were advised to eat, took their supplements, felt good, looked good and were getting compliments from their family and friends.

We then ask them to take off their shoes and step on the BIA scales to find out that even though their total body weight was the same, this person lost body fat and gained muscle instead, which is great! Let me try to convince you to stop weighing yourself every single morning in the bathroom on regular scales.
  • Your total weight fluctuates on a daily basis which may not only be fat but extra water, extra muscle which may be a result of being pumped from a workout the day before, PMSing, too much salt in a meal or even not emptying your bowels properly. Many people can get de-motivated and start binging or slacking off on exercise when they feel there is no difference on the scale.
  • The two main things we should monitor are percent body fat and muscle, which can be monitored with BIA scales but not regular bathroom scales. When people lose weight too quickly or do not eat the right amount of food like protein with meals, they could end up losing muscle instead of fat. When we lose muscle, our metabolism slows down then when eat normally again, we gain it all back again. The key is to lose the fat without affecting the muscle with exercise and the right amount of nutrients to be able to maintain your weight in the long run.
  • For some people, the number on the scales affects their mood and self-esteem. Even though you may start your day feeling wonderful and looking wonderful, you can get so discouraged if your weight hasn’t moved and feel depressed.
  • Sometimes the number on the scale can make someone skip meals or starve themselves. By not providing yourself with nourishing food and antioxidants daily, you deprive your body from the essential nutrients to support your energy levels, immunity, detoxification and you can end up losing more muscle!
  • Others may eat less all day then at night, eat everything and anything in front of them, gain weight and end up feeling horrible the next morning.
Avoid using bathroom scales daily and use the BIA scales to monitor our fat percent and muscle mass once a week or bi-weekly maximum. Do not fret about gaining muscle; gaining muscle easily is a blessing! I say a blessing because some really work so hard to gain just a tiny bit of muscle while others gain muscles in a flash.
Muscles protect our bones, keep our metabolism healthy, keep us toned and fit. By nature we lose muscle as we age, so building muscle is key for healthy ageing. You can be “skinny fat” which means you look thin but have a large percent of body fat and very little muscles. Improving your body composition means changing this balance, which is what differentiates a quick weight loss program from a long-term FAT loss plan.
By Nadine El Alaily
admin5 Reasons Why We Dislike The Bathroom Scales
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