“The closer to nature the state of food,
the higher its nutrient density is.”
Natasha Corrett
“You can’t diet your way to fitness and you
can’t exercise your way out of poor
T. Culp
“The optimal function of your body and
your mind are totally dependent on
getting the right balance of nutrients
from your food.”
Natasha Corrett
“Take as many days or weeks as you
need to gradually replace the foods
doing your harm with the healthier
healing alternatives.”
N. Lorraine
“Dis-ease literally means ‘moving
away from ease.’ By supporting
the body’s functional processes
it becomes much harder for
disease to occur.”
K. Neil
“A functional approach works with the 
‘purpose and design’ of the human body
and towards restoring normal function.”
K. Neil
“We have clients in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond
who feel a great deal more healthy and energized
than they did 10 or 20 years previously. Their cells
may not have become physiologically younger
but their body systems are working far better.”
N. Lorraine.

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